Return to Play Therapy is a multi-professional clinic that focuses on function and movement.
Life in Ottawa has so much to offer
Are you living the pain free active lifestyle you want?

There are so many great facilities and resources that Ottawans have access to whether that's organized sports or going out for a nature walk.  Being limited by pain or injury can prevent you from enjoying what the city and what life has to offer.  

Clinic Pillars

Mission: Provide excellent collaborative service and results while empowering our clientele to be a partner in achieving their health goals.

Getting you results
Professional approach, what's best for you
Personal care
We'll work together to achieve your health goals
From the Side Line to the Finish Line
Be your best when you feel your best.

“Health is wealth.” The cost of inaction is wasting time in pain and not doing what you want.  Let Return to Play Therapy help kick start your journey towards a more pain-free life of activity and enjoyment.  Let us help you return to play.

Take control over your health.

The first step is to take action.
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