What is Fascia?

Why do I need to free it?

Fascia is a connective tissue that literally covers a majority of the structures in the body.  It covers muscles, groups of muscles, organs, groups of organs, nerves, blood vessels, etc. Fascia is the tissue that deals with trauma.  Energy is not created nor destroyed; it changes from one form to another.  If you have a fall, some of the kinetic energy isn't totally transmitted through the body.  Some of that energy is absorbed and stuck in the body.  The more elasticity in the tissue the more energy is can store.  That stored energy can accumulate from one physical trauma after another until it hits a point where the tissue cannot absorb anymore and continue to function.  This is how some innocuous or even obvious traumas can occur over time and you don’t think that it has to do with the pain you’re currently experiencing. You could also be very active but you activity requires a lot of repetitive movements like running or cycling.  Your body will need to do those movements over and over and with those repetitions, your body will adapt and make changes to be more efficient but those adapations can result in restrictions when doing other postures or movements different from the activity.

At CUPpling, our focus is to address the superficial fascia however the different layers of fascia do flow into each other.  Just because we're in the superficial layer doesn’t mean we won’t have an impact into deeper layers.

Why CUPpling Works



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Lift is life

 Applying the cup onto the body creates a suction that lifts the tissue.  Lifting the tissue is different from other forms of manual treatment that apply a compression or downward force into the tissues.  When a vacuum is created and applied to the tissue it creates a “bubble” of tissue and this bubble then creates a shear tension or pull on the fascia.  The shear force is the way to release fascia.  There are other ways of creating a shear force on fascia as shown in a variety of massage techniques but cupping is a simple tool to achieve similar outcomes.

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