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Hi Everyone,

We just wanted to let you know of a couple of changes that are going to be happening starting next week. The Covid screen that is usually sent a couple of hours ahead of the appointment will now be sent 24hr ahead of your appointment. It was brought to our attention that not everybody can access it that soon before the appointment and doing the screen the day before would be better. We heard you and we’re making the change.

The other change that is happening is that we’ve created an insurance form that if you have extended benefits, you can add your insurance information so that we can direct bill. Hopefully this will make the process smoother for both parties involved. This form will be automatically sent to anyone new to the clinic but you might also receive it if you have a policy on file or not. Sorry if this is a bother.

Last but not least, this is a reminder to those with extended benefits. Maybe you’ve been holding off just in case something happens during the year that you’ll need treatment for, well the year is drawing to an end. We’re fortunate at RTP that we have excellent therapists with great skills that are ready to help you. Now is the time to address that nagging ache or that limitation in your movement that you’ve been working around…might also be nice to treat yourself in the middle of the holiday rush in anticipation of being on your feet or maybe elbowing other customers to get that much sought after gift. Help yourself by booking. Help us, help you. ;)

We look forward to working with you!

Problematic Pelvises

Vanessa and I had the fortune to be able to take Barral’s Visceral Manipulation Course on the Pelvis over the weekend. I experienced that the pulling behind my knee that I thought was muscular was actually a restricted ligament in my pelvis. If you have chronic pain in your low back, urinary issues, champion mom who’s child wreaked havoc on them on their way out, or had a fall on that good old coccyx, then come in soon while the skills are still fresh in mind!

New Member to the RTP Team

As cute and welcoming Grogu, aka “Baby Yoda” is, he’s not the only new team member RTP is excited to have aboard. We are eager to add Vanessa Leo to the team. Vanessa is another RMT with CST and VM training and is looking forward to providing excellent care to you. She will be starting October 1st.

Exclusively RTP

Kathleen will now be exclusively working at Return to Play starting this September. Since the clinic opened in 2019, she has been working at both RTP and MEDSPORT Ottawa but the time has come that she will be working at Return to Play only. The focus will be to grow RTP and with that another RMT is in the works to start in October but more news about that to come!

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Also a head’s up that an updated Covid screen will now be sent pre-treatment that more closely matches Ottawa Public Health’s Screening Tool for Workplaces.


Thank you for your continued support and patronage!!

Updated Self Check-In

We’ve got an updated self check-in sign to be posted on the window to the right side of the front door. (Hopefully this one will survive the fading caused by the sun). There are instructions on how to use the self check-in, you will need your RTP login and password. (If you don’t know your login or password, let me know and I’ll send you an email to reset them).

Below is what you’ll see. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask at Thank you for your cooperation or at least your attempt at checking in ;)

Updated Covid Screening Questionnaire

To better align with the current situation in Ottawa, the questionnaire has been updated to match what is being provided by Ottawa Public Health’s Screening Tool. Although more stringent, everyone’s safety is our priority.

Thank you for your cooperation. We look forward to continuing to provide excellent service and helping you as best we can. Stay safe.


We have new emails!

We hope you had a great weekend and got tWe’re trying to streamline things at Return to Play.


If you have any questions or need to change an appointment, please email (but let’s face it right now I’ll still be the one to reply to these emails 😅).

If you need to contact Kathleen directly, please email her at

If you need to contact Christina, please email her at

Fees are increasing starting September 1, 2020

We at Return to Play Therapy are committed to providing excellent service and getting results to help support you to achieve your health goals.  Our fees have been at this rate since 2016 and our skill sets have grown to better address your needs. There was an intention to increase fees however when the pandemic broke that was put on hold.  The increase is to better align the fees for Athletic Therapy and Massage Therapy.  We are giving you notice now that fees will increase come September to remain transparent as we value open communication and want to maintain that with you. 

If you have a moment to share what about Return to Play Therapy you like the most, your feedback would be greatly appreciated.  Whether that's the new space, the results we get, or the amazement at how we're able to find that spot on your body that you didn't know was that sore. To share your feedback, simply reply to this email.  Thank you in advance.

We look forward to continuing to service you. Stay safe.

Yours in health,

Return to Play Therapy team

Return to Play Therapy is excited to have Christina join the Team!

We announced Christina joining our team in March and she was all ready to start but then the pandemic happened and we've all had a bit of adapting to do.  She's now ready to start and ready to help reduce your stress and maybe help you have a "nicer" association with RTP ;)

If you're shoulders are up at your ears from working from home, come on in.
If you need a reason to get out of your home, she can do that.
If you've got some massage benefits that have built up because you haven't been able to get a massage for 3 months, book now.
If you want to have someone treat you nicer than Kathleen does, she's much nicer and will derive less pleasure in any pain she might cause so click on the button below.