Dear Valued Clients,

I understand that times have been challenging for a number of us and I don’t bring this up lightly. Return to Play Therapy started offering massage in 2016 and has not increased the massage rates. Since that time, I’ve expanded my team and the team has expanded their skills and knowledge. This increases the value of the service provided. I am also increasing the Athletic Therapy rates to match the massage rate as I’m providing the same approach to treatment incorporating the same unique skill set to each session. I acknowledge that the Athletic Therapy rates had recently increased however I could no longer justify having different rates for the same approach. This means that it’s easier for me to switch and provide a different receipt as needed.

We will continue to grow and develop. We will continue to perform to our best ability at each session and provide the best care we can to help you towards your health goals. If you have any concerns or questions, please direct them to Kathleen at

We are grateful for you and look forward to continuing to build strong relationship going forward. We will continue to work towards returning you to play as effectively as possible.

Yours in health,

The Return to Play Team

Kathleen De Jesus-Gauthier

Kathleen De Jesus-Gauthier

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