Hello Everyone,

RTP is closing its doors.  I'm not sure if it's because of the pandemic, the rising costs of everything or that I haven't been able to build a solid team to work out of RTP, regardless I've decided to close up shop.  I'm still going to be working as an Athletic Therapist and RMT however I'll be doing so out of Pelvic Support Physio in Bells Corner.  You don't have to have a pelvic issue to come and see me.  I'll still be providing the same service but now to a clientele that can really benefit from this type of approach.  Thank you for those of you who choose to follow me further West and thank you to those who aren't but have allowed me to be part of their health journey.  I wish you all the best. I will be keeping a copy of your chart for 10yrs should you wish a copy of it for another practitioner.


PS here's the link to book online

Kathleen De Jesus-Gauthier

Kathleen De Jesus-Gauthier

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